Open Door to Health

The Open Door to Health initiative comprises short series of events that focus on issues around maintaining and improving health. The events take place at various locations, such as social services centres, regional offices of the Employment Service of Slovenia, the Karitas charity organisation, the Red Cross and other NGOs.

The initiative is carried out by specialists from health promotion centres, including registered nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, dieticians and kinesiologists. While the initiative involves workshop attendance, there is always time for one-to-one consultations. It addresses a wide-ranging set of topics:

  • information on prevention and screening programmes for the early detection of cancer, and how to take part (Dora, Zora, Svit)
  • how to choose a general practitioner
  • workshops for people who wish to lead a healthier lifestyle and strengthen their mental health:
    • how to eat healthily on a budget
    • how physical activity boosts health
    • I want to stop smoking but don’t know how
    • how to enjoy quality of life with type 2 diabetes
    • physical fitness tests for adults and older people
    • how to control your weight
    • how to tackle stress successfully
  • numerous other topics that have proved to be important and relevant for those visiting the locations at which the Open Door to Health initiative is organised.

Health promotion centres agree in advance on the dates and locations, which gives them plenty of time to notify those at whom the initiative is aimed (via posters in the local community, online, etc.). Contact your health promotion or health education centre to find out when and where the initiative is taking place in your local area.