We need a healthy community, one that reduces health inequality and enables people to enjoy a high quality of life, if we are to satisfy the basic needs of life, live in a healthy and sustainable environment, and enjoy economic and social development. The community-based approach is realised in collaboration with partners within local health promotion groups.

Local health promotion groups comprise institutions, organisations and individuals capable of contributing to better health and helping to reduce health inequality (municipalities, nursery schools and schools, health centres, non-governmental organisations, social services centres, the Employment Service of Slovenia, the Health Insurance Institute, regional units of the National Institute of Public Health, other public institutions, business representatives, and others). There are currently 27 local health promotion groups in Slovenia, with others in the process of being set up. Contact the coordinators at NIJZ regional units for more information on how local health promotion groups operate.


This section is dedicated to the latest news on the work of local health promotion groups and to upcoming events.


Handbooks, information catalogues and other documents help us to achieve our goal of a healthy community.


Our vision is for all local environments to adopt and begin to implement the idea of a community-based approach, which is why it is important for local health promotion groups to share knowledge, experiences and good practices at organised events.


Lokalne skupine – novice

Delavnica o delovanju lokalne skupine za krepitev zdravja in strateškem načrtovanju v lokalni skupnosti

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