Healthy community

One important aid to the acquisition of knowledge on the establishment of partnerships and the operation of local health promotion groups is Healthy Community: A Handbook for the Development of a Community-Based Approach to Health.


Information catalogues

The information catalogues comprise useful information collected for a specific environment on health promotion programmes and activities, and the contact details of services and organisations operating within the local environment in the fields of healthcare, social security, parenting and education, and societies. Information catalogues are compiled by members of local health promotion groups. They help them in their work, and help members of the community to find answers to their questions.

Information catalogue for Murska Sobota health centreInformation catalogue for Izola health centre

Materials 3

A local community strategic plan is a document in which a community outlines its future goals and current situation regarding health, and defines the objectives and measures through which members of the community can bring that community from its current situation to its desired future. Strategic plans are compiled by members of local health promotion groups and involve as much of the local community as possible.