When and where do preventive examinations take place?

A preventive examination takes place at the general practice at which you are registered. It is carried out by a registered nurse.

You can be referred for a preventive examination by your doctor, invited to attend by a registered nurse by post or telephone, or book an appointment yourself. Even if you have undergone a medical examination as part of your employment, you are invited to have one at your general practice because the two examinations are different.

Who can undergo a preventive examination?
Any adult aged 30 or over is entitled to undergo a preventive examination. You may also undergo an examination if you are under 30 and:

  • you have diabetes and/or
  • have a family history of cardiovascular disease and/or
  • you have a family history of hypercholesterolaemia/dyslipidaemia (elevated levels of fatty substances in the blood).

When am I entitled to a preventive examination?
You are entitled to a preventive examination every five years. If the examination detects a higher risk of developing a chronic disease, you are entitled to an examination every year.